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First officer and a Piano. " If they only knew " a Cockpit music video

Air Tractor 401 crop duster cockpit view. Warning! Don't watch if you get motion sickness!

Let's Play - GTA V - CockPit

Tired of holding your tablet when playing Infinite Flight ? Install IF Cockpit on your phone to control Infinite Flight remotely ! Android/iOS compatible (you can control your iPad with an Android Phone)



Features :
- Throttle
- Rudder
- Pitch & Roll (with pan tilt movements)
- Gear (toggle)
- Breaks (toggle)
- Spoilers (toggle: Flight/Armed/Off)
- Flaps (Up/Down)
- Autopilot : SPD, HDG, ALT, VS
- ATC : Open/Close window + 1 to 10 commands
- Lights
- Pushback
- Trim (Up/Down)
- Play/Pause
- Camera (next/previous) + POV
- HUD (enable / disable)
- And more to come !

Requirements & Disclaimer :

- This app requires to install Infinite Flight on another device
- Infinite Flight and IF Cockpit must run and two different devices connected to the same WiFi network
- Disconnections can happen : Relax, all our tests were fine but a connection fail is always possible. The developer of Infinite Cockpit is not responsible for any disconnection due to WiFi or Infinite Flight app related issues. See instructions below to reconnect quickly.

Instructions : [IF] = Infinite Flight, [IC] = IF Cockpit

- [IF] + [IC] Make sure your devices are connected to the same WiFi network
- [IF] Start Infinite Flight
- [IF] Check 'Enable Infinite Flight Connect' in General Settings
- [IF] Start a Flight
- [IC] Click 'Auto Connect'
- [IC] Wait for 'Connected' message in the info panel
- [IF] Go to Settings > Controls
- [IF] - Click on 'Roll' and move your phone to left/right
- [IF] - Click on 'Pitch' and move your phone frontwards/backwards
- [IF] - Click on 'Yaw' and move the 'Rudder' slider left/right
- [IF] - Click on 'Throttle' and move the 'Throttle' slider up/down
- [IF] - Check any 'reverse' box if needed
- [IC] Click 'Auto Setup' at any time to reset connection if needed
- [IC] Click 'Calibrate' at any time to reset axis center

This version should fix the pitch issue for all users